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Hi there, my name is Eike Rathke. Don't be afraid, I won't bother you with boring data of MeMySelfAndI, but if you are interested you may find it here. You won't even see pictures of my cats/dogs/fishes/rats/cockroaches simply because I don't have any pets. I'm lucky enough if my plants survive without having water until they remind me crying out loud.

I set this site up to share my experience and resources with interested people. Mainly it contains short notes about things I use or work on and

Note: no notes [insert your favorite "Man At Work" picture here], search the LibreOffice mailing lists to get an idea about what I'm working on ;-) or better dig my latest LibreOffice commits. Or step by at my blog. I'm also trying to dig out some of my older stuff, presentations I held and such, from the archives and put it into material.

I ain't a twit tweeting on twitter. I made my dents at instead. Well, some time ago I did. Not lately. Actually it's quite useless since it became

Instead, I jumped on two Mastodon instances, oh well, now only one remains active: (de,en).

I do jabber, you should be able to figure out my accounts' ID. See my accounts and fingerprints for secure communication.

Usually I'm also on Libera.Chat's IRC, specifically the #libreoffice-dev channel, Mo-Fr daytime (CET/CEST) and sometimes during weekends.

If you are interested in some small utilities I wrote you may go to the download page. All free and with source code provided.

The fingerprint of my GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) public key (available here, or from the keyserver) should read:

pub   4096R/0x6A6CD5B765632D3A 2013-01-10
      Key fingerprint = 2265 D7F3 A7B0 95CC 3918  630B 6A6C D5B7 6563 2D3A

Visit my GnuPG / PGP page!

For diversion you may take a look at the gallery of photos I took.

On Linux just use the packaged version, but if on Windows or Mac don't forget to download LibreOffice and use it, love it, share it.

I'm tracked by GitHub and and Open Hub and probably more, with or without consent.

Last but not least: there are also my Keyoxide OpenPGP identity proof verifications of some public accounts I use and an accounts file with pointers to (maybe yet other) incarnations.

,,^_^,, Lynx Friendly!

This site is not pessimized for any browser!

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