1. GNU/Linux now! | Digitalcourage
  2. Kernel? Wayland? Pipewire? Die wichtigsten Linux-Begriffe, einfach erklärt - Linux-Unix - › Web
  3. The Linux Information Project (LINFO) Home Page
  4. Linux Standard Base
  5. Linux Foundation
  6. The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
  8. The Free Standards Group
  9. /dev/LUG - Virtuelle Linux-Usergroup
  10. The UNIX System
  11. ( AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris & Tru64 )
  12. Unix Guru Universe - For Unix Admins, By Unix Admins
  13. Linux-Kurs – Vom Einsteiger zum Linux-Profi
  14. RootUsers - Guides, tutorials, reviews and news for System Administrators. - also RHCSA and RHCE exam guides
  15. Material UNIX -
  16. - Linux Wiki und Freie Software
  17. -- using Linux on enterprise and personal desktops
  18. Linux Information Portal: Howto, Help, Tutorials and Information
  19. Red Hat - Free Courses from Red Hat | edX
  20. HowtoMatrix
  21. LinuxGuruz Linux Resource Page
  22. developerWorks: Linux
  23. de.comp.os.unix.linux - FAQ
  24. Büchertips für Unixnutzer
  25. Die 15 wichtigsten Linux-Befehle im Terminal (für Einsteiger)
  26. Linux in 90 Minuten - Die Bash
  27. 3 command line games for learning Bash the fun way |
  28. Befehlsübersicht › Shell › Wiki ›
  29. Galileo Computing: Wie werde ich UNIX-Guru? - openbook
  30. Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.
  31. Shell startup scripts — flowblok’s blog
  32. Ten Things I Wish I’d Known About bash – zwischenzugs
  33. Nixie Does Linux - Tutorials and Reviews - YouTube


  34. :: Linux Hypertext Tutorial in deutsch
  35. Linux Newbie Administrator Guide - Home - by Stan, Peter and Marie Klimas
  36. bjellis linuxwelt - Einstieg in Linux ( - Museum
  37. Basic Linux Training
  38. Linux Guide - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
  39. The Linux System Administrator's Guide
  40. Unix Toolbox ( - A collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users.
  41. Deutsches Linux HOWTO Projekt
  42. The Linux Documentation Project
  43. Linux ACPI-HOWTO, The Sequel (
  44. Linux Man Pages Online - Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), formatting and linefeeds retained
  45. Docs - - man pages, HOW-TO collection, guides, introductions; man pages reformatted
  46. Linux man-pages home (
  47. Linux man-pages online (
  48. ManKier Man Pages - and command line explanations
  49. lsb:start [Wiki] - Linux Standard Base (LSB)
  50. Linux Foundation Referenced Specifications - API, DWARF, ELF, ABI
  51. FHS Referenced Specifications - Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
  52. Interactive map of Linux kernel
  53. Linux Kernel Documentation
  54. GNU bash manual - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  55. Bash Guide for Beginners (TLDP)
  56. Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide (TLDP)
  57. BashFAQ - Greg's Wiki
  58. Bash Hackers Wiki Front page [Bash Hackers Wiki]
  59. Knowledgebase
  60. - Where Linux newbies come for help!
  61. Linux für alle
  62. Guide to IP Layer Network Administration with Linux (
  63. » Linuxaria – Everything about GNU/Linux and Open source Policy Routing with Linux
  64. Quick HOWTO: Linux Home Networking and Linux Forums Help - network basics, Samba, ...
  65. Samba: HowTo Mount a CIFS Network Share [AKA Map Network Drive] in openSUSE 10 & 11 plus FAQs
  66. Linux Kernel Configuration Help Texts
  67. ISDN4Linux
  68. ---=== ADSL 4 Linux ===--- ADSL-Support unter Linux (
  69. ADSL-Support
  70. NOVELL: SUSE Linux Portal
  71. Article about Linux ext2fs undelete using debugfs (
  72. Linux From Scratch
  73. developerWorks : AIX and UNIX : Technical library view - "Speaking UNIX" articles
  74. Galileo Computing: Wie werde ich UNIX-Guru?

    NIS & NFS

  75. The Linux NIS(YP)/NYS/NIS+ HOWTO
  76. Linux NFS-HOWTO
  77. Linux NFS faq
  78. NFS and NIS Security | Symantec Connect
  79. 2.2.3. Securing NIS in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  80. 2.2.4. Securing NFS in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  81. - NFS + NIS
  82. SettingUpNISHowTo - Community Ubuntu Documentation
  83. MSXFAQ.DE - NIS und NFS auf Windows


  84. Linux Security Documentation FAQ, Linux Security HOWTO, Linux Security Quick-Start Guide
  85. Linux Security - Linux Audit
  86. Matt's Unix Security Page
  87. AusCERT - AusCERT UNIX and Linux Security Checklist v3.0 (
  88. Unix Security
  89. Sicheres Desktop System – Linux härten Teil1 ⋆ Kuketz IT-Security Blog
  90. Securing Debian Manual
  91. Security Bug Tracker - Debian
  92. The Practical Linux Hardening Guide
  93. Snort - Snort® is an open source network intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS)
  94. An Illustrated Guide to SSH Agent Forwarding
  95. Common threads: OpenSSH key management, Part 1 - RSA/DSA authentication
  96. Common threads: OpenSSH key management, Part 2 - ssh-agent and keychain
  97. Common threads: OpenSSH key management, Part 3 - authentication agent forwarding
  98. SSH Agent Forwarding is a Bug - Lyte's Blog - how to use ProxyCommand with nc (or netcat) instead
  99. SSH Agent Forwarding considered harmful - use ProxyCommand instead
  100. The Problem with SSH Agent Forwarding · Bogdan Popa
  101. Using ProxyJump with SSH and SCP
  102. Secure Secure Shell (stribika) - hardening SSH
  103. SSH ohne Passwort -- eine kurze Anleitung - public key
  104. Secure SSH server access - Tinned-Software Blog
  105. SSH passwordless login with SSH-key - Tinned-Software Blog
  106. Restrict SSH login using SSH keys to a particular IP address - Tinned-Software Blog
  107. ${me:-whatever} » SSH-Agent Forwarding and GNU Screen
  108. SSH-tunnelling (jfranken, en)
  109. SSH-Tunnels (jfranken, de)
  110. SSH tunnelling for fun and profit: Autossh
  111. Using ssh as a socks proxy
  112. Connect with SSH through a proxy - Stack Overflow - ProxyCommand nc -X connect -x proxyhost:proxyport %h %p
  113. Why putting SSH on another port than 22 is bad idea (
  114. Endlessh: an SSH Tarpit « null program
  115. Securing Linux, Part 1: Introduction
  116. Viruses By Type: Unix Viruses
  117. Viruses By Type: Linux
  118. Linux malware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  119. Debian GNU/Linux -- Security Information
  120. Linux Kernel 2.4 Firewalling Matures: netfilter
  121. Iptables-tutorial
  122. LinuxGuruz Netfilter IPTABLES Firewall Page
  123. Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall)
  124. Debian defaults - message on a thread with topic "Re: Debian defaults: netfilter / iptables: Limit the impact of 2000+ attacks per day to 5% approx. on your sshd & logs", e.g. on little ARMs
  125. Kurt Seifried - Information security / OS / Linux
  126. Kurt Seifried - LASG - Linux Administrator's Security Guide
  127. Listing open ports in Linux and finding out which applications are using them
  128. What is SELinux?
  129. Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO
  130. Linux Router Project
  131. fli4l (floppy router 4 Linux)
  132. floppyfw
  133. fw_laptop iptables - A firewall script intended to be used on workstations / laptops. It basically blocks all incoming traffic and only allows minimal outgoing traffic.
  134. gocryptfs - uses file-based encryption that is implemented as a mountable FUSE filesystem
  135. GitHub - bailey27/cppcryptfs: cppcryptfs is an implementation of the gocryptfs encrypted overlay filesystem in C++ for Windows.
  136. CryFS: A cryptographic filesystem for the cloud
  137. zuluCrypt | zuluCrypt is a simple, feature rich and powerful solution for hard drives encryption. - can manage PLAIN dm-crypt volumes, LUKS encrypted volumes, TrueCrypt encrypted volumes, VeraCrypt encrypted volumes and Microsoft’s BitLocker volumes
  138. Setting up an encrypted Debian system (
  139. Cloudspeicher verschlüsseln (Dropbox verschlüsseln) - mit EncFS
  140. - a utility for accessing encrypted filesystems that allows an ordinary user to mount an encrypted file system without requiring superuser privileges (based on dm-crypt)
  141. Protect Your Stuff With Encrypted Linux Partitions using cryptsetup and LUKS (based on dm-crypt)
  142. Protect Your Stuff With Encrypted Linux Partitions (Part 2)
  143. dm-crypt/Encrypting an entire system - ArchWiki - LUKS on a partition, LVM on LUKS, LUKS on LVM, LUKS on software RAID, Plain dm-crypt, Encrypted boot partition (GRUB) ; mind that instead of /etc/mkinitcpio.conf on other systems there are /etc/initramfs/initramfs.conf and /etc/initramfs/conf.d/ and /etc/initramfs/conf-hooks.d/
  144. dm-crypt/Drive preparation - ArchWiki
  145. How to add a passphrase, key, or keyfile to an existing LUKS device - Red Hat Customer Portal
  146. the_simple_computer | Research for Security & Privacy - Encrypt Your Linux Home Folder: 2 Ways and 10 Steps
  147. Manually Encrypting Directories - /home partition on Fedora
  148. Migrating an unencrypted PureOS Debian install to fully encrypted · jjakob/wiki Wiki · GitHub
  149. How to install Ubuntu with LUKS Encryption on LVM · GitHub - with pre-setup partitions, LUKS, VG, and LVs
  150. Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_2019 - Community Help Wiki
  151. HOWTO: Disk encryption with dm-crypt / LUKS and Debian [Update] | Uwe Hermann (2008, and
  152. How to create an LUKS-encrypted external device on Linux
  153. Resizing a dm-crypt / LVM / ext3 partition | Uwe Hermann (2008, and
  154. linux:festplattenverschlüsselung [Stefanux]
  155. ResizeEncryptedPartitions - Community Ubuntu Documentation
  156. Resizing LVM-on-LUKS - ArchWiki
  157. How to Resize a Partition using fdisk - Red Hat Customer Portal
  158. Does RHEL 7 support online resize of disk partitions? - Red Hat Customer Portal
  159. What is growpart utility and how to use it ? - Red Hat Customer Portal
  160. LVM: Fix logical volume to a phyiscal device - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange - vgchange or lvchange --alloc cling
  161. Adding an external encrypted drive with LVM to Ubuntu Linux
  162. Code Ruminations: Setting up an encrypted /home partition with LVM and LUKS
  163. GitHub - rdkr/lvm-on-luks: 💾 Script to provision full partition encryption for Ubuntu (optionally including /boot) using lvm on luks, for use with multi-boot
  164. linux - Is it possible to unlock multiple LUKS devices to form a LVM at boot? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
  165. system installation - Encrypted custom install - Ask Ubuntu
  166. Configuring LUKS: Linux Unified Key Setup | Enable Sysadmin
  167. Installing Ubuntu 16.10 on existing LUKS-encrypted LVM | - flexible as the installer would never be (not only Ubuntu)
  168. Encrypted Linux setup across an SSD and an HDD - Arch Linux, SSD as cache pool for HDD
  169. LVM cache in six easy steps - Lukáš Zapletal
  170. Instructions to create an LVM cache for root in Fedora · GitHub
  171. Chapter 13. Enabling caching to improve logical volume performance Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal
  172. 5.4.7. Creating LVM Cache Logical Volumes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 | Red Hat Customer Portal
  173. LVM Caching mit SSDs einrichten – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki
  174. Linuxmint / Ubuntu mit kompletter Systemverschlüsselung - LVM over LUKS (2011,
  175. How-To: encrypted partitions over LVM with LUKS | Debian/Ubuntu Tips & Tricks
  176. » Encrypted home partition in Linux with DM_Crypt and LUKS
  177. Disk Encryption Tools for Linux and benchmark result of a couple of them
  178. GitHub - pampanic/pam_panic: A PAM module that protects sensitive data and provides a panic function for emergency situations. Authentication through passwords or removable media. - LUKS
  179. AES pipe (en|de)crypter and loop device - e.g. burn and mount encrypted CDs
  180. Matthias Hensler: Increasing Linux security by encrypting /home - Howto for setting up an AES-encrypted /home with Linux
  181. UsbCryptFormat: Verschlüsselt externe Datenträger für Linux
  182. Tails - Create and use encrypted volumes on an USB stick or external drive
  183. Selbstzerstörung für die LUKS-Festplattenverschlüsselung |
  184. OpenSSL Command-Line HOWTO
  185. OpenVPN - Open Source VPN
  186. OpenVPN Howto –
  187. GitHub - pivpn/pivpn: Simple OpenVPN installer, designed for raspberry pi.
  188. VPNC < ZEDAT - Anleitung um (Debian) VPNc mit OpenSSL fuer Authmode hybrid zu kompilieren
  189. VPNC > Wiki > - inkl. Links auf Anleitungen für verschiedene Hochschulen
  190. How to Build a VPN in Four Easy Steps Without Spending One Penny -
  191. WireGuard: fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel
  192. Netze knüpfen mit wireguard - Dem Commander1024 sein Blog


  193. Linux Weekly News
  194. Linux-Community
  195. Linux-Magazin
  196. LinuxUser - Das Magazin für Anwender und Einsteiger
  198. LinuxFocus Magazine
  199. LinuxFocus Magazin Deutsch



  200. - The h-node project aims at the construction of a hardware database in order to identify what devices work with a fully free operating system.
  201. Linux Hardware Database
  202. Supported Hardware | Linux Journal
  203. [Phoronix] GNU/Linux Hardware Reviews, Articles, & Gaming
  204. Ubuntu-certified hardware | Ubuntu
  205. Hardware › Wiki ›
  206. Inquisitor hardware testing platform - can analyse and test your hardware from top to the bottom and assure that it won't fail easily under the production stress.
  207. What's in the Box? Interrogate Your Linux Machine's Hardware | Linux Journal
  208. -- your embedded Linux resource
  209. SSDOptimization - Debian Wiki
  210. Solid state drive - ArchWiki
  211. SSD Secure Erase - Thomas-Krenn-Wiki
  212. SynapticsTouchpad - Debian Wiki
  213. OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation
  214. openprinting:database:databaseintro - Printer Compatibility Database
  215. Printer List | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation
  216. Gutenprint Printer Drivers - High quality drivers for Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Sony, Olympus, and PCL printers for use with CUPS, Ghostscript, Foomatic, and GIMP.
  217. SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy
  218. SANE - Supported Devices
  219. hp's Developer Portal | HP Linux Imaging and Printing - HPLIP
  220. hp's Developer Portal | All Supported Printer Models
  221. hp's Developer Portal | What is the HPLIP Binary Plug-In and How Do I Install It?
  222. The Canon PIXMA Linux blog, for all Canon PIXMA all-in-ones - as of 2009 ...
  223. Drucker › Wiki ›
  224. NvidiaGraphicsDrivers - Debian Wiki
  225. AtomicHamster - Installing Nvidia's binary drivers the Debian Way
  226. Debian Developer Randall Donald - Debian NVIDIA Packages Information
  227. ATIProprietary - Debian Wiki
  228. Main Page - - Unofficial Wiki for the ATI Linux Driver
  229. ATI Radeon Linux How-To
  230. ATI-Grafikkarten/fglrx - ubuntuusers Wiki
  231. fglrx crashing with large RAM (4GB): How I fixed my MTRR - Rage3D Discussion Area
  232. Fix for mtrr "overlapping" error. - Rage3D Discussion Area
  233. Speeding up Linux Using hdparm [Jun. 29, 2000]
  234. TuxMobil: UniX with Mobile Computers
  235. Linux on Laptops
  236. [LinLap - Linux Laptop Wiki]
  237. Linux Laptop - Preinstalled Linux Laptops - LinuxCertified, Inc.
  239. Winmodems are not modems; Linux information page
  240. Linux PCMCIA Information
  241. Linux-Magazin - XInput Grafiktabletts mit XFree86 und Gimp - eXXXtreme Inputting
  242. The Linux Wacom Project
  243. Aiptek HyperPen USB Tablet Device Drivers for Linux and X
  244. Digital Camera Support for UN*X
  245. Pro-Linux: USB-Digitalkameras unter Linux
  246. Linux UVC driver & tools - supported USB Video Class devices, Webcams
  247. Memtest86 - Memory Diagnostic Page
  248. The SIG11 problem
  249. Hacking the LaCie `Big Disk' Ethernet Disk | Whatsup
  250. Turning a Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini into your server
  251. Installing Debian on a LaCie Ethernet Disk mini (
  252. Erik's Weblog : LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini Firmware Rollback
  253. Linux Hybrid Graphics - Intel + nVidia Optimus

    Wireless, WiFi, WLAN

  254. Linux Wireless
  255. Linux & Wireless LANs, Jean Tourrilhes
  256. Linux WPA Supplicant (IEEE 802.1X, WPA, WPA2, RSN, IEEE 802.11i)
  257. WLAN unter Debian GNU/Linux und FreeBSD
  258. Quick Start Guide to Debian and WPA Wireless Security (
  259. WiFi/WEP/WPA on Debian
  260. Karten › WLAN › Wiki ›
  261. Intel® Wireless WiFi Link drivers for Linux*
  262. How To Configure Wireless / WiFi Networking in Ubuntu via the Command Line (CLI) | prupert
  263. NdisWrapper - load windows network driver API WLAN drivers
  264. Linuxant commercial drivers vor Conexant modem chipsets and DriverLoader for several WLAN chipsets

    UMTS Surfsticks

  265. Howto: Vodafone / Huawei K3765 UMTS Surf-Stick und Ubuntu —
  266. Huawei E1750 UMTS-Stick – DebianforumWiki
  267. huawei e1750 ubuntu | Download huawei e1750 ubuntu software for free at
  268. Linux with UMTS HSUPA ExpressCard


  269. ThinkWiki - Wiki Web for Thinkpad users. Here you find anything you need to install your favourite Linux distribution on your Thinkpad.
  270. Installing Debian/Sarge on a ThinkPad T43p - Linux ThinkPad Wiki
  271. ThinkPad-Wiki - deutsch, mit cross-links zu
  272. Linux-Thinkpad Info Page - linux-thinkpad at mailing list
  273. Gmane Loom - news:gmane.linux.hardware.thinkpad
  274. Debian Linux on an IBM Thinkpad T43p |
  275. Gentoo Linux on an IBM Thinkpad T43p
  276. [ltp] T43p: Status Report and request for assistance
  277. Debian linux on an IBM Thinkpad R50
  278. IBM T42p mit Debian GNU/Linux
  279. Linux on T40p, Theodore Ts'o
  280. Linux on the IBM Thinkpad T40, Fabrice Bellet
  281. Richard Neill's Online Castle - Mandrake 9.1 on an IBM Thinkpad A22p - good tips for general ThinPad setups regarding X11 configuration

    Install, Rescue

  282. How To Reset Root User Password In CentOS/RHEL 7
  283. How to recover a root password in Red Hat-based Linux systems | Enable Sysadmin
  284. Relax-and-Recover - Linux Disaster Recovery
  285. GitHub - rear/rear: Relax-and-Recover - Linux bare metal disaster recovery and system migration solution (cfr. mksysb, ignite)
  286. Redo Rescue: Backup and Recovery Made Easy | Bare metal restore
  287. Rescatux
  288. Parted Magic - The Parted Magic OS employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful software (e.g. Partimage, TestDisk, Truecrypt, Clonezilla, G4L, SuperGrubDisk, ddrescue, etc...)
    Unfortunately this turned into a pay-me-or-you-won't-get-anything project. Well, there's SystemRescueCd instead.
  289. Parted Magic - Download - heise online - letzte kostenlose Version 2013-08-01
  290. SystemRescue - Download - SystemRescueCd is a Linux system rescue disk available as a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating or repairing your system and data.
  291. SystemRescue - Logical Volume Manager Guide - boot from LVM, move rootfs to LVM, backups with LVM
  292. GParted partitioning software - Full tutorial
  293. The NTFS Problem for Linux Installers (and solutions) as of 2002 ...
  294. Rescue your Windows & GNU/Linux systems - Rescatux & Super Grub2 Disk
  295. Trinity Rescue Kit | CPR for your computer - Trinity Rescue Kit or TRK is a free live Linux distribution that aims specifically at recovery and repair operations on Windows machines, but is equally usable for Linux recovery issues.
  296. CGSecurity - Data recovery: TestDisk & PhotoRec
  297. TestDisk - CGSecurity
  298. Rescuing Lost Files with TestDisk and PhotoRec » Linux Magazine
  299. Die SD-Karte wiederherstellen: Daten selber reparieren und sichern – GIGA - mit TestDisk und PhotoRec
  300. Ddrescue - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  301. GNU ddrescue Manual
  302. dd_rescue - NOT ddrescue
  303. 12 Linux dd command examples - The Linux Juggernaut - dd, ddrescue and dcfldd
  304. dcfldd - dcfldd is an enhanced version of GNU dd with features useful for forensics and security.
  305. Identify damaged files - ArchWiki
  306. The Sleuth Kit (TSK) & Autopsy: Open Source Digital Investigation Tools - digital forensic
  307. rdd forensic copy program | Free Science & Engineering software downloads at
  308. Foremost is a console program to recover files based on their headers, footers, and internal data structures.
  309. Scalpel is a fast file carver that reads a database of header and footer definitions and extracts matching files or data fragments from a set of image files or raw device.
  310. Tools:Data Recovery - Forensics Wiki
  311. BadBlockHowto – smartmontools - describes what actions might be taken when smartmontools detects a bad block on a disk. It demonstrates how to identify the file associated with an unreadable disk sector, and how to force that sector to reallocate.
  312. hard drive - Recover ext4 file system after quick format - Ask Ubuntu
  313. Recovering Accidentally Formatted ext4 Partition / Fixing Superblock – Notebook
  314. data recovery - Accidentally formatted ext4 partition - Ask Ubuntu
  315. Tech help: Repair a broken Ext4 Superblock in Ubuntu (
  316. debugfs Command Examples
  317. Prevent data corruption on ext4/Linux drive on power loss - Server Fault - setting journal options
  318. ext4 filesystem documentation
  319. Ext4 ( wiki)
  320. linux - How to read one filesystem from a whole disk image file? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
  321. Ext2 IFS For Windows (and Ext3 mounted as Ext2)
  322. System recovery with Knoppix
  323. Save your PC: bootable Linux rescue tools - The H Open Source: News and Features
  324. Recover - Reset forgotten linux root password
  325. mikas blog » Blog Archive » Booting ISO images from within GRUB2
  326. How to Rescue a Non-booting GRUB 2 on Linux |
  327. GRUB 2 - Fedora Project Wiki
  328. Impfen per Netzwerk | heise Security - Desinfec’t vom Linux-Server booten
  329. How to update your PC firmware on Linux with LVFS and fwupd | Sindastra's info dump
  330. LVFS - Linux Vendor Firmware Service, fwupd
  331. Chapter 23. Managing sudo access Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal
  332. Chapter 24. Changing and resetting the root password Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal



  333. Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux.
  334. Distrochooser
  335. - The first online operating system tester
  336. Linux Desktop Chooser
  337. Repology - the packaging hub; monitors a huge number of package repositories and other sources comparing packages versions


  338. Say goodbye to Microsoft. Now.
  339. Debian -- The Universal Operating System
  340. Debian GNU/Linux -- Dokumentation
  341. DebianWiki: FrontPage
  342. Debian Reference
  343. Debian GNU/Linux Anwenderhandbuch
  344. Debian Installers
  346. Debian Mozilla team APT archive - The newest Firefox/Iceweasel, Thunderbird/Icedove in stable.
  347. Setup-FAQ für Debian Woody - Linuxtag-2000 Edition
  348. Debian -- Debian-Installer
  349. Debian kernel recompiling
  350. Debian GNU/Linux System Administration Resources (
  351. Das Debian Administrationshandbuch
  352. The Debian Administrator's Handbook
  353. Debian Linux Tutorials
  354. The Golden Ear - Desktop System Setup with Debian 4.0 Etch
  355. Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide
  356. - Serverdienste auf Debian GNU/Linux
  358. Knowledgebase - Debian
  359. - GNU/Linux - das deutsche Debian Portal
  360. Debian Linux Tutorial - Guide On How To Install Linux Software for Servers and Network Installation and Set Up for Beginners with Instructions On How To Configure A Home Server
  361. DebianTinyHowto - howto
  362. - Gesammelte Anleitungen - Tutorials und Kurztipps, Konfigurationsanleitungen
  363. Ramesh Panuganty's Debian Linux Tips & Tricks
  364. Newbiedoc -- intros BY newbies FOR newbies
  365. Wie installiert man unter Debian Type 1 Fonts
  366. Qmail on Debian
  367. The qmail Installation guide for Debian
  368. Debian GNU/Linux -- Security Information
  369. Debian GNU/Linux Anwenderhandbuch
  370. Debian GNU/Linux -- Packages
  371. Debian Package Tracking System
  372. Multimedia Debian Packages
  373. Debian-Database.ORG - Unofficial Debian Repositories Collected
  374. Debian Backports
  375. Debian Unofficial
  376. automatic snapshots service ( - Automated build service for Ekiga, Debian pkg-voip and Debian pkg-kde-extra
  377. Using APT with more than 2 sources
  378. Mastering Debian and Ubuntu
  379. Index of /
  380. - Debian packages daily archived since 2005/03/13
  381. Rebuilding Debian packages (
  382. Installing packages from source code with checkinstall (
  383. Rolling your own Debian packages (part 1) (
  384. Debian Hypertext Man Pages: Index Page
  385. c't - Projekte: VDR - Video Disk Recorder basierend auf Debian, auch fuer etwas aeltere Rechner
  386. c't - Projekte: Debian-Server speziell fuer kleine Server, kein download, 4.0 in Heft 17/2009, 4.1 in c't extra 03/2009 Netzwerke
  387. c't 17/2009, S. 154: Webcode
  388. Ich bastle mir einen Linux-Home-Server
  389. Server World - Build Network Server
  390. NSLU2-Linux - Main - Linksys Network Storage device firmware replacements
  391. NSLU2-Linux - DebianSlug - DebianSlug is a replacement firmware image for the Linksys NSLU2
  392. Homepage of Peter Korsgaard: Installing debian Sarge on a Linksys NSLU2
  393. Debian Planet - News for Debian. Stuff that *really* matters.
  394. IRC
  395. - Frequently Asked Questions
  396. Abhängigkeiten von Paketen mit debtree visualisieren -
  397. Debian GNU/Linux -- Developers LDAP Search
  398. Trust analysis on the Debian Keyring
  399. DCC Alliance - The DCC Alliance is an association of organizations and individuals to assemble a common, standards-based core for Debian-based Linux distributions and accelerate worldwide commercial adoption of Debian GNU/Linux.
  400. Debian -- Developer Locations
  401. Debian's Centre of Mass - Debian Developer Centre of Mass mapped to a world map.


  402. Fedora Project Homepage
  403. Fedora Spins - alternate versions of Fedora for specific uses
  404. International - Fedora Project Wiki - regional / language sites
  405. Fedora Magazine
  406. RPM Fusion - RPM Fusion - free and non-free for Fedora and RHEL
  407. Fedora Packages
  408. Fedora Repositories -
  409. How To: Install Fedora without CD or DVD
  410. Install Fedora remotely using Live media - Fedora Magazine
  411. Fedora Linux Essentials - Techotopia - quite old but some things still apply
  412. DNF System Upgrade :: Fedora Docs Site
  413. 5.6. SELinux Contexts – Labeling Files RHEL-6
  414. HowTos/SELinux - CentOS Wiki - Troubleshooting SELinux
  415. audit avc : denied
  416. Virtualization - Fedora Project Wiki
  417. What can I do for Fedora?
  418. Fedora Developer Portal
  419. Build System Info | Koji
  420. Fedora Discussion
  421. Fedora Linux Essentials - Techotopia
  422. Remote Access to the Fedora Linux Desktop - Techotopia
  423. How to Set Up Easy Remote Desktop Access in Linux -
  424. Project List - Copr repositories for Fedora
  425. Fedora Infrastructure Status


  426. The CentOS Project
  427. FAQ - CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream
  428. FAQ: CentOS Stream Updates (
  429. Embracing the Stream | Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp
  430. CentOS is NOT dead. Please Stop Saying It Is (at least until you read this) | by Benjamin Porter | Dec, 2020 | Medium
  431. CentOS Stream: 'I was slow on the uptake, but I get what they are doing now,' says Rocky Linux founder • The Register
  432. Install RHEL 8.3 for free production use in a VM - Lukáš Zapletal
  433. How to activate your no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription - Red Hat Developer


  434. AlmaLinux - Forever-Free Enterprise-Grade Operating System - RHEL fork built by the team at CloudLinux


  435. Rocky Linux


  436. AV Linux | - Linux for multimedia content creators, with IRQ threading enabled kernel for low latency audio
  437. AudioPhile Linux | Quality audio on Linux
  438. KXStudio - is a collection of applications and plugins for professional audio production
  439. Tango Studio Debian - provides some free audio packages for Debian
  440. Design Suite - a Fedora Spin focussing on multimedia production and publishing tools
  441. Ubuntu Studio - A multimedia creation flavor of Ubuntu.
  442. DidJiX - DJ software Mixxx on ArchLinux on an USB live system
  443. LibreELEC – Just enough OS for KODI - ‘Just enough OS’ for Kodi, a Linux distribution built to run Kodi on current and popular mediacentre hardware. The successor of OpenELEC.
  444. Music recording on CentOS 7 DAW | Arrfab's Blog
  445. Linux Audio Bundles and Distributions [Linux-Sound] - outdated


  446. Tails - Privacy for anyone anywhere
  447. Qubes OS: A reasonably secure operating system
  448. Whonix - A High Security Method of Surfing the Internet
  449. Qubes, Whonix, or Tails: which Linux distro should you use for anonymity?
  450. Arch Linux
  451. PureOS - A user friendly, secure and freedom respecting OS for your daily usage.
  452. Solus - Solus is an operating system that is designed for home computing. (formerly Evolve OS)
  453. MX Linux – Midweight Simple Stable Desktop OS
  454. GalliumOS – A fast and lightweight Linux distro for ChromeOS devices
  455. EasyOS Home — All categories - An experimental Linux distribution.
  456. – Simply a School Network
  457. - Linux for schools - Managing large-scale Linux systems for schools
  458. LIFE - LInux For Education
  459. DebianEdu - Debian Wiki - Debian Edu/Skolelinux is an operating system intended for educational use
  460. Sugar Labs - learning platform, which promotes collaborative learning
  461. The fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS ⋅ elementary OS
  462. Zorin OS - Your Computer. Better. - with Windows or MacOS look, for those who need it
  463. Pop!_OS by System76 - an operating system for STEM and creative professionals
  464. Parrot Project - The best choice for security experts, developers and crypto-addicted people.
  465. Kali Linux | Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Linux Distribution
  466. Kali Linux Revealed | Mastering the Penetration Testing Distribution
  467. Kali Linux NetHunter - Nexus and OnePlus Downloads
  468. BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution - museum; predecessor of Kali
  469. BlackArch Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution
  470. Manjaro - enjoy the simplicity
  471. Linux Mint
  472. Ubuntu Linux
  473. Kubuntu | Friendly Computing
  474. Xubuntu - Ubuntu with Xfce desktop environment, lightweight on older computers.
  475. Lubuntu | The official Lubuntu home - lightweight Ubuntu with LXQt desktop
  476. - Ever tried zen computing?
  477. Home of the Mageia project
  478. Gentoo Linux
  479. YunoHost is a server operating system aiming to make self-hosting accessible to everyone. • YunoHost - based on Debian
  480. Category:Linux media creation distributions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  481. dyne:bolic GNU/Linux | The instant bootable operating system - a bit much outdated, but fun site
  482. BusyBox - The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux
  483. Schnellstart mit Kali Linux | heise Security
  484. Kali Linux für Administratoren - Drachenritt - Softlink | iX
  485. Kali Linux als System zur Datenrekonstruktion - Drachenfutter - Softlink | iX
  486. NetHunter: Kali Linux für Android-Smartphones und -Tablets - Drachenei - Softlink | iX
  487. Kodi | Open Source Home Theater Software
  488. Raspbian is a free operating system based on Debian optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware.
  489. OSMC - Open Source Media Center, supports the Raspberry Pi, Vero, and Apple TV; based on the Kodi project
  490. Comparison of Linux distributions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  491. Category:Linux distributions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  492. The LiveCD List - last updated 2017 ...
  493. FreeNAS Storage Operating System | Open Source - FreeNAS - Open Source Storage Operating System
  494. HomelabOS - Your offline-first privacy-centric personal data center.
  495. 15 Most Secure Linux Distros for Privacy & Security Concern Users

    Distros to put on USB

  496. UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads - UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions from Windows or Linux, without requiring you to burn a CD.
  497. LinuxLive USB Creator for Windows
  498. Creating and using a live installation image :: Fedora Docs Site
  499. How to easily create multiboot USB in Linux - PCsuggest
  500. GitHub - mbusb/multibootusb: Create multiboot live Linux on a USB disk...
  501. balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives
  502. Tails - Privacy for anyone anywhere
  503. Ipredia OS for anonymous browsing and communications | Hacker 10 - Security Hacker
  504. Linux Kodachi The Secure OS | Eagle Eye | Nonprofit Organization
  505. SliTaz GNU/Linux - Simple Light Incredible Temporary Autonomous Zone
  506. Slax Linux - your pocket operating system
  507. KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD
  508. Knoppix Linux Boot CD, Download Disk and Documents, Discuss, Get Help
  509. Finnix - a self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution ("LiveCD") for system administrators, based on Debian
  510. - Debian Live system / CD for sysadmins and texttool-users
  511. FreedomBone - Your Data. Your Server. Your Place.
  512. Plop Linux - Overview - Live version to boot, Desktop installation, Server
  513. List of Linux distributions that run from RAM - Wikipedia
  514. Linux Live Kit is a set of shell scripts which allows you to create your own Live Linux!


  515. List of free and open-source software packages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  516. Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

    Software eMail

  517. The Mutt E-Mail Client
  518. Mutt Project / mutt · GitLab
  519. Home · Wiki · Mutt Project / mutt · GitLab
  520. Muttguide · Wiki · Mutt Project / mutt · GitLab
  521. Muttfaq · Wiki · Mutt Project / mutt · GitLab
  522. The Mutt FAQ [Frequently Asked (and answered) Questions]
  523. - Kevin's Mutt Tips and Tricks
  524. The Woodnotes Guide to the Mutt Email Client
  525. Mutt and IMAP
  526. Mutt - ArchWiki
  527. grepm - the grepmail/mutt helper
  528. Muttprint
  529. Mutt mailreader (
  530. lbdb: The Little Brother's Database
  531. Gary Johnson's Mutt Page (MIME & mailcap) (
  532. S/MIME and Mutt
  533. Mutt vs Slrn - a comparison (Guckes)
  534. Single user email in Debian (
  535. Mutt: Multiple Gmail IMAP Setup | Shinobu's Secrets
  536. mutt integration with Gmail using OAuth – Luxing Huang
  537. Daniel P. Berrangé / goa-gmail-oauth-mutt · GitLab - Integration with GNOME Online Accounts to provide GMail OAuth2 access tokens for the Mutt mail client.
  538. Configure Mutt to work with OAuth 2.0 | Dejice Jacob: University of Glasgow - still the deprecated OOB though
  539. How to set up Mutt with Gmail using OAuth2 authentication - Red Hat Customer Portal - sorry, only with subscription..
  540. Using Mutt with Gmail - very outdated POP3 access
  541. msmtp - about - msmtp is a SMTP client
  542. maildir / IMAP header caching for mutt
  543. mairix - email index and search tool
  544. how to use Notmuch with Mutt - Notmuch is a mail indexer
  545. Take Control of your Email with Mutt, OfflineIMAP and Notmuch |
  546. Using Offlineimap with the Gmail IMAP API |
  547. processing patch mails with b4 and notmuch | 🇺🇦 kraxel’s news
  548. muttils - utilities for use with console mail clients, eg. Mutt. sigpager, urlpager, urlbatcher, pybrowser, viewhtmlmsg, wrap
  549. plainMail2HTML - text/plain to html mail - we all hate HTML mails but if some policy insists on using an image as .signature this might help..
    macro compose y "<attach-file>~/someimage.png<enter>\Cd<send-message>" "email with (inline) image"
  550. The Mutt E-Mail Client - development version manual
  551. qmail: a replacement for sendmail (D. J. Bernstein)
  552. qmail-HOWTO
  553. - a qmail installation guide
  554. Life with qmail
  555. qmail Information (
  556. mbox2maildir
  557. serialmail
  558. patches for qmail and serialmail / maildirsmtp - Patch for serialmail to support CRAM-MD5, PLAIN and LOGIN authentication. Patch for qmail that enables qmail-remote to authenticate itself to another mail server, which is used as relay.
  559. FEHCom - Qmail Support Page
  560. - Andre Oppermann's Homepage - the big qmail picture & qmail-ldap
  561. qconfirm - request delivery confirmation for mail
  562. Bill's Linux Qmail Toaster
  563. exim Internet Mailer
  564. Exim Cheatsheet
  565. 31. Address rewriting
  566. 33. SMTP authentication
  567. Exim mit mehreren Smarthosts nutzen (
  568. 1&1 und GMX - mehrere Smarthosts mit Exim und AUTH
  569. exim4 und TLS - domainFACTORY | forum
  570. PkgExim4UserFAQ - Debian Wiki
  571. exim4 with ssmtp on Debian : technovelty - if your smarthost doesn't speak STARTTLS but only SSL, using stunnel
  572. Email in Debian Linux using Exim4 and Courier IMAP - another one dealing with SSL only, using stunnel4
  573. PkgExim4UserFAQ - Debian Wiki
  574. Procmail Homepage
  575. Procmail FAQ
  576. Procmail Quick Start by Nancy McGough
  577. Procmail documentation project homepage
  578. Procmail - a powerful mail filter - (Guckes)
  579. pi's .procmailrc
  580. The SpamBouncer: a Procmail-Based Spam Filter
  581. Using CRM114 and qmail to Filter Spam
  582. junkfilter : Junk Mail Filtering with Procmail
  583. Infinite Ink's Robots and Mail Filtering
    mailing lists
  584. Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager
  585. GNU Mailman - Installation Manual
  586. ezmlm-idx Home
  587. ecartis: Modular Mailing List Manager
  588. Fetchmail Home Page (esr)
  589. Fetchmail (berlios)
  590. fetchmail & SSL (
  591. fdm - fetch and deliver mail; easy mail fetching/processing similar to fetchmail and procmail
  592. Setting Up OAUTH2 Support for Fetchmail and Postfix
  593. getmail version 5
  594. maildrop - mail delivery agent with filtering abilities
  595. mboxgrep
  596. grepmail
  597. chk4mail
  598. - ripMIME extracts attachments from a MIME package
  599. DavMail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange Gateway
  600. EMail, and the Unix desktop – A rant | Thorsten's Weblog
  601. E-Mail Done My Way, Part 0 - The journey - Jan Wildeboer’s Blog

    Software News

  602. slrn web resource / Home
  603. jbn's S-Lang code for slrn
  604. Index of /slrn - e.g. GnuPG handling (Emmanuele Bassi)
  605. Simple adaptive scoring for slrn
  606. P A N - A Newsreader for GNOME

    Software inet mix

  607. OpenSSL: The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS
  608. TCPDUMP public repository
  609. Lynx Browser
  610. HTTPie – command-line HTTP client for the API era
  611. WhoIs source package
  612. Tunneling SSH over an HTTP-Proxy Server
  613. GitHub - EtiennePerot/macchiato: MAC spoofing with a restricted range of OUI prefixes
  614. MAC Address Spoofing in NetworkManager 1.4.0 – Thomas Haller's Blog
  615. Randomize your MAC address using NetworkManager - Fedora Magazine
  616. MAC-Adresse abfragen und setzen –
  617. How to Change MAC Address in Linux [Easily] - macchanger or ip link set
  618. GitHub - alobbs/macchanger: GNU MAC Changer

    Software Eier Legende Woll Milch Sau

  619. emacs
  620. Gnus Newsreader Homepage
  621. Gnus und Co... (

    Software Audio

  623. Funkwhale - A modern, convivial and free music server
  624. How to stream your Funkwhale library to your mobile device – We Distribute
  625. Resources |
  626. Linux Audio Wiki [Linux-Sound]
  627. Linux Audio and Sound - Application and Software Index [Linux-Sound]
  628. LinuxMusicians - Forum
  629. Sound & MIDI Software For Linux - old and outdated but maybe some goldies
  630. ardour | the new digital audio workstation
  631. Zrythm - Digital Audio Workstation
  632. JACK | connecting a world of audio - JACK is a low-latency audio server, written for POSIX conformant operating systems such as GNU/Linux and Apple's OS X. It can connect a number of different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves.
  633. JAMin - JAMin is the JACK Audio Connection Kit (JACK) Audio Mastering interface. JAMin is an open source application designed to perform professional audio mastering of stereo input streams.
  634. Bluebell / Holger / pulseaudio and jack
  635. Calf Studio Gear - GNU/Linux Audio Plug-Ins - is available exclusively for LINUX-based operating systems and runs as a stand-alone effect rack connectable through Jack sound server or as plug-ins in every audio host that is able to fire up LV2 compilant devices, e.g. the highly recommended Ardour Audio Workstation.
  636. EQ10Q - EQ10Q is an audio plugin bundle over the LV2 standard implementing a powerful and flexible parametric equalizer and more.
  637. REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits - non-free
  638. Tonstudio › Wiki ›
  639. Making music in Linux and beyond
  640. » Linuxaria – Everything about GNU/Linux and Open source Music Production in Linux 1
  641. » Linuxaria – Everything about GNU/Linux and Open source Music Production in Linux 2
  642. Rosegarden: music software for Linux
  643. LilyPond – Music notation for everyone: LilyPond... music notation for everyone
  644. Denemo | Free and Open Music Notation Editor
  645. The Beast Project | Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer
  646. Canorus - music score editor
  647. Free music composition and notation software | MuseScore
  648. DebianMultimedia - Debian Wiki
  649. Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder
  650. Libre Arts - 8+1 audio editors for Linux that are not Audacity
  651. Exaile · Music Player for GTK+
  652. A Music Library / Editor / Player — Quod Libet
  653. Clementine Music Player
  654. Audacious - audio player
  655. Music Player Daemon - MPD
  656. NCurses Music Player Client (Plus Plus) | - MPD
  657. GitHub - CDrummond/cantata: Qt5 Graphical MPD Client
  658. Asunder - a graphical Audio CD ripper and encoder for Linux
  659. GitHub - dgoel/music-db: Synchronize music database between banshee and clementine music l=players
  660. GLAME - GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics
  661. MOC - music on console | console audio player for Linux/UNIX
  662. AlsaProject
  663. ZynAddSubFX software synthesizer
  664. Hydrogen - advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux
  665. CRAN - Package tuneR - for the R project - Collection of tools to analyze music, handling wave files, transcription, ...
  666. Mixxx - Free MP3 DJ Mixing Software
  667. gmusicbrowser - An open-source jukebox for large collections of mp3/ogg/flac/mpc/ape files, written in perl.
  668. GitHub - wwmm/pulseeffects: Limiter, compressor, reverberation, equalizer and auto volume effects for Pulseaudio applications
  669. Linux Tutorial: MP3
  670. Command-Line Guide to Audio Files in Ubuntu | TuxArena Debian/Ubuntu
  671. heise open - Software - Musik, zwei, drei, vier ...
  672. Debian, Custom Kernel, and ALSA (LinuxMafia)
  673. Musictube, YouTube music player for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu
  674. youtube-dl - youtube-dl youtube-url --extract-audio --audio-format mp3
  675. Youtube Downloader Wget Perl Script @ - and how to convert soundtrack to MP3 (or OGG or any other) format using avconv
  676. How to record a Podcast with remote guests on Linux
  677. PulseAudio Loopback - multiple inputs to multiple outputs
  678. unfa - YouTube - music production & sound design with open-source software & Linux

    Software Video

  679. Kdenlive | Free and open source video editor for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD
  680. Shotcut - a free, open source, cross-platform video editor.
  681. OpenShot Video Editor | Free, Open, and Award-Winning Video Editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows!
  682. PiTiVi, a free and open source video editor for Linux
  683. Flowblade - Free & Libre Video Editor
  684. Cinelerra :: a video editor and compositor for Linux
  685. CinePaint — Open source deep paint software
  686. LiVES Video Editing System - Because the media should be open
  687. HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder - HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.
  688. Open Broadcaster Software | OBS - broadcast multiple video sources
  689. GitHub - webcamoid/webcamoid: Webcamoid is a full featured and multiplatform webcam suite.
  691. - Home - model - shade - animate - render - composite - interactive 3d
  692. NATRON - Compositing Software for VFX and Motion Graphics
  693. enve | A new open-source 2D animation software for Linux.
  694. MPlayer - The Movie Player
  695. List of video editing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  696. DVDStyler - Free DVD Authoring Application
  697. Open DVD Producer
  698. Bombono DVD | Convert Video Of All Formats To DVD - Avi, Mp4, HD, Flv | Motion Menu, WYSIWYG Editor
  699. DeVeDe · Free Video to DVD Converter.
  700. ZoneMinder - ZoneMinder: Linux Home CCTV and Video Camera Security with Motion Detection
  701. WebHome < Motion < Foswiki - motion detector, monitors the video signal from cameras
  702. Minitube, YouTube app for Mac, Windows and Linux
  703. Create an HD Gaming Capture/Streaming Setup with Linux |
  704. Lightworks: The professional editor for everyone - non-free video editor
  705. Open Source Virtual Background | BenTheElder

    Software Photo

  707. Scribbles and Snaps - Linux, Open Source, Photography
  708. digiKam - KDE Photo Management | The Photo Management For The Masses
  709. Check and Optimize digiKam’s Databases | Scribbles and Snaps
  710. F-Spot
  711. gPhoto - gPhoto Home
  712. KPhotoAlbum
  713. Geeqie Image Viewer
  714. ExifTool by Phil Harvey - Read, Write and Edit Meta Information
  715. Håvard Berland : NEF Workflow, D70/D70s on Linux/Unix
  716. RawTherapee
  717. UFRaw
  718. Qtpfsgui website - workflow for HDR imaging
  719. GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
  720. CinePaint
  721. Linux color management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  722. Color Management « Linux Photography
  723. Table of Contents « Linux Photography
  724. Argyll Color Management System Home Page
  725. dispcalGUI—Open Source Display Calibration and Characterization powered by Argyll CMS
  726. LPROF - LProf is the only open source ICC profiler with a graphical user interface.
  727. zentralplan o Monitor kalibrieren - mit LProf
  728. zentralplan o Farbmanagement
  729. Monitor Kalibrieren > Wiki >
  730. xcalib - AdobeGamma-Loader-like monitor calibration loader for Linux
  731. Behrmann - from programming for imaging applications to concepts for building and integrating a Operating System level Colour Management System (CMS) in unix alike environments. ICC Examin, Oyranos, Tutorials on CinePaint, Color Management.
  732. ImageMagick: Convert, Edit, and Compose Images
  733. GraphicsMagick Image Processing System
  734. libopenraw wiki - FrontPage
  735. Multimedia4LiNUX
  736. PhotoPrint
  737. VueScan Scanning Software - non-free PayWare
  738. Pixel image editor - non-free ShareWare
  739. ZEDOnet | TurboPrint Linux | Printer driver for Linux - non-free PayWare

    Software Games

  740. The Linux Game Tome
  741. HOLARSE - Spielen unter Linux
  742. Linux & SteamOS gaming community | GamingOnLinux
    Article category: Open Source | GamingOnLinux
  743. The Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want for five awesome indie games)
  744. Inside a Star-filled Sky

    Software Backup

  745. rdiff-backup - backup using librsync
  746. GitHub - bit-team/backintime: Back In Time - A simple backup tool for Linux
  747. BorgBackup – Deduplicating archiver with compression and authenticated encryption (fork of Attic)
  748. Borg Documentation — Borg - Deduplicating Archiver documentation
  749. Kleines Borg Howto
  750. GitHub - borgbackup/borg-import: importer for rsync+hardlink based backups / rsnapshot - from BackInTime might work like this
  751. GitHub - borgbackup/community: Resources from the Borg Community
  752. GitHub - borgbase/vorta: Desktop Backup Client for Borg
  753. World / Pika Backup · GitLab - GUI for BorgBackup
  754. GitHub - MTrage/Borg-BackUP-GUI: BORG BackUP GUI is a simple GUI for managing Borg backups.
  755. borgmatic - simple, configuration-driven backup with BorgBackup
  756. GitHub - KenKundert/emborg: Interactive command line interface to Borg Backup
  757. Server-Backups mit Borg: So sichere ich meine Server
  758. GitHub - BenSartor/borg-snapshot: regular borg backups on a server
  759. Append-only backups with borg to another VPS or dedicated server
  760. Hetzner Online Community - Install and Configure BorgBackup
  761. BorgBase - Secure hosting for your BorgBackup Repos
  762. Cloud Storage for Offsite Backups - borg support
  763. restic · Backups done right!
  764. Borg or Restic? –
  765. Searching for a perfect backup solution: Borg and Restic
  766. Duplicati - backup software to store encrypted backups online
  767. I switched to Duplicati for Windows Backups and Restic for Linux Servers |
  768. How I do backups ( - Borg and Restic
  769. The best free enterprise open source backup software for Linux - Bacula
  770. duplicity - encrypted backup using GnuPG and librsync
  771. Apps/DejaDup - GNOME Wiki! - Déjà Dup is a simple backup tool. It hides the complexity of backing up the 'right way' (encrypted, off-site, and regular) and uses duplicity as the backend.
  772. Apps/DejaDup/Help/Restore/WorstCase - GNOME Wiki! - describes how to manually restore files from backups made with duplicity
  773. Total System Backup and Recall with Déjà Dup -
  774. GitHub - gilbertchen/benchmarking: A performance comparison of Duplicacy, restic, Attic, and duplicity
  775. rsnapshot - a remote filesystem snapshot utility, based on rsync
  776. rclone - rsync for cloud storage
  777. Duplicacy - backs up your files to many cloud storages with client-side encryption and the highest level of deduplication; source of command line version at GitHub:
  778. GitHub - gilbertchen/duplicacy: A new generation cloud backup tool
  779. bup, it backs things up! - Very efficient backup system based on the git packfile format, providing fast incremental saves and global deduplication (among and within files, including virtual machine images).
  780. Backups with bup · GitHub - initial setup and first backup
  781. BURP - BackUp and Restore Program - client/server backup, optionally using librsync
  782. DAR - Disk ARchive - dar is a shell command that backs up from a single file to a whole filesystems, taking care of hard links, Extended Attributes, sparse files, MacOS's file forks, any inode type (including Solaris Door inodes), etc.
  783. DarGUI Project - DarGUI is a graphical frontend for the Disk ARchiving utility (DAR)
  784. BackupPC: Open Source Backup to disk - for backing up Linux, WinXX and MacOSX PCs and laptops to a server's disk
  785. GitHub - CZ-NIC/turris-schnapps: Btrfs snapshots managing script
  786. Incremental Backup - btrfs Wiki
  787. Linux tools: linuxclone - makes a bootable clone of your running Linux system onto a second (USB) disk.
  788. FSArchiver - Filesystem Archiver for Linux
  789. Syncthing - Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized.
  790. OPByte: Grsync rsync GUI interface frontend for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X
  791. CryptBackup: Verschlüsseltes Backup für Linux
  792. Cryptomator: Free Cloud Encryption for Dropbox & Others - Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  793. Backup on Linux: rsnapshot vs. rdiff-backup (vs. Time Machine) « SaltyCrane Blog
  794. Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync
  795. Backups mit Rsnapshot / 08 / 2011 - LinuxCommunity - Florian Effenberger
  796. GitHub - sahib/rmlint: Extremely fast tool to remove duplicates and other lint from your filesystem - after you've done a backup..
  797. Clonezilla - Disk Imaging and Cloning
  798. How to Clone an Encrypted Disk Image with Clonezilla

    Software misc

  799. - The search engine for Linux rpm and Debian packages
  800. Rpmfind mirror (
  801. Linux Software Directory (Maruhn) - outdated
  802. [fm] welcome to
  803. Useful keyboard shortcuts - GNOME Help
  804. GNOME keyboard shortcuts ‒ defkey
  805. KDE Plasma Desktop keyboard shortcuts ‒ defkey
  806. Gnome3CheatSheet - GNOME Wiki!
  807. Projects/GnomeShell/CheatSheet - GNOME Wiki!
  808. GNOME Shell Extensions
  809. GNOME Circle - Applications and libraries extending the GNOME ecosystem.
  810. Gnome Shell Extensions for Fedora 15, Open Suse 11.4, Arch Linux | Ranjith Siji - Smashing Web
  811. gnome shell Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog
  812. Five must have Gnome shell extensions for Fedora 15 « Justin Stories
  813. Xfce Desktop Environment
  814. Nico 'nion' Golde's website - tpp - text presentation program
  815. John's World of XV 'n' Stuff
  816. The bzip2 and libbzip2 home page
  817. ImageMagick - Image Conversion and Manipulation Software
  818. zgv - svgalib picture viewer with thumbnail-based file selector
  819. x11vnc: a VNC server for real X displays
  821. Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
  822. LinuxPlanet - A Guide to the Linux Operating System
  823. XW-Tools - Drucken von Bildern und Grafiken, etwas veraltet..
  824. The Linux SCSI Generic (sg) Driver
  825. scli - SNMP Command Line Interface
  826. LinuxLand International - The World of Linux Software
  827. Tucows Linux
  828. Community Supported RealPlayer Download Page
  829. GnuCash - Open Source Accounting Software
  830. the BEST Personal Finance Manager for FREE Users, full stop. | KMyMoney
  831. :: home of jameica & hibiscus - Java framework. Hibiscus Online-Banking Client für das deutsche HBCI-Protokoll, SynTAX Finanzbuchhaltung für Selbständige und "Nichtbilanzierer" nach SKR03/04. Jollina Lohnbuchhaltungsprogramm, jVerein Software zur Vereinsverwaltung.
  832. Gnuaccounting - Free Java cross-platform accounting and bookkeeping application; outdated, most recent version is 0.8.9, released 2016-12-31
  833. Jitsi (SIP Communicator) - the Java VoIP and Instant Messaging client.
  834. A New Kind of Instant Messaging - Tox
  835. GitHub - maqp/tfc: Tinfoil Chat - Onion-routed, endpoint secure messaging system
  836. Ekiga ~ Free your speech. - Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting) is an open source VoIP and video conferencing application for GNOME.
  837. QuteCom - Welcome to the QuteCom developer's home - Free VOIP Softphone. QuteCom is the new name for the open source softphone previously known as WengoPhone.
  838. FreeSWITCH | Communication Consolidation - FreeSWITCH is an open source telephony platform designed to facilitate the creation of voice and chat driven products.
  839. Real, WMP and QT in Linux on MPlayer -- How to Install (Rev)
  840. Eisfair - ein einfach zu installierender Internet-Server, ging aus dem Schwesterprojekt fli4l hervor.
  841. QLandkarte GT - use your Garmin GPS with Linux
  842. Mkgmap - OpenStreetMap - converts OSM to Garmin .img files
  843. Category:Mkgmap - OpenStreetMap Wiki
  844. DE:USB Garmin on GNU/Linux - OpenStreetMap Wiki
  845. USB Garmin on GNU/Linux - OpenStreetMap Wiki
  846. GPSBabel: convert, upload, download data from GPS and Map programs
  847. Stellarium - planetarium
  848. Sweet Home 3D - interior design application, Einrichtungsplaner, Java
  849. QEMU, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), Xen + libvirt - qemu, kvm, xen & libvirt - Virtualisations-Buch, Deutsch
  850. QEMU - QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.
  851. QEMU › Wiki ›
  852. KVM - KVM (for Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-V)
  853. Increasing a KVM Virtual Machine Disk when using LVM and ext4
  854. How To extend/increase KVM Virtual Machine (VM) disk size | ComputingForGeeks
  855. VirtualBox - a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware
  856. Matthias Panczyk - Linux MTPCenter fuer Pinnacle ShowCenter
  857. LFTP - sophisticated file transfer program - does SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, ...
  858. cbftp - an FTP tool that isn't old and clunky
  859. SyncEvolution - SyncEvolution synchronizes personal information management (PIM) data via various protocols (SyncML, CalDAV/CardDAV, ActiveSync). It syncs contacts, appointments, tasks and memos. It syncs to web services or to SyncML-capable phones via Bluetooth.
  860. Synchronizing Directly to Evolution via HTTP | SyncEvolution
  861. fstools - Frams' Shell Tools
  862. F*EX - File EXchange - Frams' Fast File EXchange
  863. Linux Software Repositories – Google - and GPG keys
  864. dgsh — directed graph shell - provides an expressive way to construct sophisticated and efficient big data set and stream processing pipelines
  865. NCurses Disk Usage - ncdu
  866. Broot - Get an overview of a directory, even a big one
  867. Cockpit Project — Cockpit Project - web-based graphical interface for servers
  868. GitHub - smeighan/xLights: xLights is a sequencer for Lights. xLights has usb and E1.31 drivers. You can create sequences in this object oriented program. You can create playlists, schedule them, test your hardware, convert between different sequencers.
  869. CoreCtrl / CoreCtrl · GitLab


  870. K12Linux in Schools Project - Home Page
  871. K-12Linux in Schools - K12-Linux NetPC
  872. Microsoft Linux - the premier linux distro
  873. LinuxChix.Org
  874. Mkkrl - Script for compiling the Linux kernel
  875. m e t a l a b linux archive
  876. home page
  877. Linux at Adaptec
  878. BTX-Bank - Onlinebanking with UNIX/Linux
  879. Ted, an easy Rich Text Processor for X Windows
  880. Linux in Computer Shopper (articles, some of them worth reading)
  881. UNIXUX: Click on the cursor.
  882. United Linux
  883. Pro-Linux
  884. Timo Salmi's Unix scripts and filters (Bourne shell)
  885. Linux Terminal Server Project
  886. unix quotes
  887. Linux als Server
  888. FreeBSD Hypertext Man Pages: Index Page
  889. Linux radio show - LugRadio
  890. Linux Links - The Linux Portal
  891. Bootchart is a tool for performance analysis and visualization of the GNU/Linux boot process
  892. CVS homedir | Linux Journal - Joey shows you how to keep track of everything with CVS.
  893. Window Managers for X
  894. HOWTO Rip Streams With MPlayer - Gentoo Linux Wiki
  895. Linux Tutorial: Video,DVD,DVD player,TV and Multimedia
  896. Linux Tutorial: Burning a CD or DVD
  897. Ithaca Free Software Association - GNU Linux - Multi-session CD burning with mkisofs and cdrecord
  898. DVD+RW/+R/-R[W] for Linux
  899. Howto record multiple session iso files on a CD or DVD
  900. ERACC's Using growisofs with DVD+-RW Drives for Backups
  901. DVD-RAM HOWTO in Deutsch
  902. How to create DVD from a video file? - Ask Ubuntu
  903. Unicode Notes - Waikato Linux Users Group - Setting up a UTF-8 Environment in linux
  904. Disks and Logical Volumes - LVM
  905. A simple introduction to working with LVM (
  906. Logical Volume Manager (LVM) versus standard partitioning in Linux | Enable Sysadmin
  907. LVM HOWTO
  908. Configuring and managing logical volumes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal - LVM
  909. How to mount an LVM partition on Linux
  910. 5 easy steps to recover LVM2 partition, PV, VG, LVM metdata in Linux | GoLinuxCloud
  911. Recovering a Lost LVM Volume Disk | SUSE Communities - specifically "Disk Permanently Removed" for unrecoverable disk errors
  912. Recover LVM with missing volume | shanes notes
  913. How to recover deleted Logical volume (LV) in LVM | 2DayGeek
  914. Chapter 19. Troubleshooting LVM Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal
  915. Recovery of LVM Volumes - Hetzner Docs
  916. linux - Locked LVM logical volume in VG with missing PV - Server Fault - fake a missing PV with loop device for a clean pvremove
  917. Blivet-gui - Fedora Project Wiki - a graphical tool for storage management - also LVM
  918. GitHub - storaged-project/blivet-gui: GUI tool for storage configuration using blivet library
  919. Logical Volume Manager › Wiki › - LVM
  920. Gluster | Storage for your Cloud
  921. Ceph Homepage - Ceph
  922. GMX mediacenter mounten - Gentoo Linux Wiki
  923. WebDAV Linux File System (davfs2)
  924. Tim Bormann.DE - WebDAV
  925. / blog » GMX-Mediacenter mit WebDAV - GNOME
  926. Onlineresourcen von 1&1 via !davfs2 in den Verzeichnisbaum einbinden ( wiki)
  927. X11 User-low-level configuration - eight-bit characters, xmodmap, ISO-latin-1 KeySyms
  928. LRZ: Umlaute und Akzente auf ASCII-Tastaturen unter X11
  929. LRZ: Accented Letters On ASCII Keyboards Under X11
  930. Magic SysRq key - Wikipedia - Ctrl+Alt+SysRq REISUB -- echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq -- vi /etc/sysctl.config : kernel.sysrq = 1
  931. Welcome to coreboot - coreboot - coreboot (formerly known as LinuxBIOS) is a Free Software project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS (firmware) you can find in most of today's computers.
  932. Linux Shop | Der Linux-Onlineshop | Linux kaufen | Fanartikel Distributionen Programme Spiele Bücher ISOs
  933. HAL Quirk Site - suspend/resume, multimedia and backlight problems
  934. HowTo: Dual Monitors (Xinerama/TwinView/MergedFB) - Ubuntu Forums
  935. Amahi Home Server - Making Home Networking Simple
  936. [shell-fu:home]$
  937. All commands |
  938. WindowsTaxRefund - FSFE Fellowship Wiki
  939. vcs-home wiki - how to use version control systems to manage your documents at $HOME
  940. RemoteLoginAutoScreen - Wiki
  941. Oyo - Outside the Walled Garden
  942. Firmwarespielereien und Root-Zugang zum Oyo - Outside the Walled Garden
  943. Frank's Wiki Main/OYO
  944. Enterprise Volume Management System EVMS
  945. V2 Beta - Software for Ubuntu Linux
  946. NoMachine NX - Desktop Virtualization and Remote Access Management Software
  947. FreeNX - the free NX
  948. Remote Access to the Ubuntu Linux Desktop - Techotopia
  949. Remote Access to the Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Desktop - Techotopia
  950. Screen access to any PC - Remmina
  951. How to connect to a remote desktop in Linux | - using Remmina
  952. Vinagre - a VNC (and SSH, RDP and SPICE) client for the GNOME Desktop
  953. Apache Guacamole™
  954. Setting Up Web-Based Guacamole Tool to Access Remote Linux/Windows Machines
  955. Dayon! - Remote assistance for your family and friends
  956. Eldy Seniors Computer Software for Elderly
  957. Eldy > Wiki >
  958. A PC from the community for the community -
  959. - Saving Power on Intel systems with Linux
  960. Linux Stromsparen - ThinkPad-Wiki
  961. XStrikeForce/HowToRandR12 - Debian Wiki
  962. » Linuxaria – Everything about GNU/Linux and Open source Overview of Xrandr
  963. How to Combine Multiple PDF Files With pdftk
  964. Linux on your Apple Mac | iLinux
  965. Mosh: the mobile shell
  966. Byobu - enhanced profiles, convenient keybindings, configuration utilities, and toggle-able system status notifications for both the GNU Screen window manager and the more modern Tmux terminal multiplexer
  967. Linux Compose Key Sequences
  968. Script: sandfox « IgnorantGuru's Blog - Sandfox runs programs within sandboxes which limit the programs’ access to only the folders you specify. Programs and their child processes, like Firefox plugins, Flash, and Java, are only able to access files within the sandbox.
  969. How to enable unattended software updates on Linux Mint - Linux Mint Community
  970. Open Invention Network - is an intellectual property company that was formed to promote Linux by using patents to create a collaborative environment. Open Invention Network® is refining the intellectual property model so that important patents are openly shared in a collaborative environment. Patents owned by Open Invention Network® are available royalty-free to any company, institution or individual that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux System.
  971. Ubuntu 12.04.4 für alte Rechner | heise open - mit Prozessoren ohne PAE-Unterstützung
  972. Setup Adobe Digital Editions with Kobo Reader on Linux -- Linux Crumbs - should work similar for other ebook readers than Kobo as well
  973. How do I install Adobe Digital Edition on Linux... | Adobe Community
  974. Can't install Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.2 - with a link to digitaleditions.exe you need to install with wine
  975. PlayOnLinux - Run your Windows applications on Linux easily! - front-end to install software under Wine; something like winetricks --gui
  976. How to Unregister Wine File Associations in Linux -
  977. removes wine file associations · GitHub - collected commands of the Unregister Wine File Associations article
  978. Ebooks for Linux Users.pdf (
  979. THE LINUX STUFF: Install Adobe (Acrobat PDF) Reader on Fedora, CentOS / RHEL 5, 6 - unfortunately the proprietory Adobe Reader may be needed for online forms in some rare cases
  980. Software Collections — Software Collections - is the home for projects creating Software Collections (SCLs) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS, and Scientific Linux. Software Collections give you the power to build and concurrently install multiple versions of the same components on your system, without affecting the system versions of the packages installed from your distribution.
  981. linux:bluetooth [ - Dokumentation für Administratoren]
  982. Weblog for dammitjim - Debian Wheezy and Bluetooth Headphones (A2DP)
  983. :: Open Source Research and Reference
  984. How to fix Shellshock on Ubuntu · - if you still run Ubuntu 13.04 raring ... i.e. when on Linux Mint Olivia 15
  985. Linux Mint Forums • View topic - Main Edition: BASH vulnerability a.k.a. 'Shellshock' - for the raring's ...
  986. OpenAFS - AFS is a distributed filesystem product, it offers a client-server architecture for federated file sharing and replicated read-only content distribution, providing location independence, scalability, security, and transparent migration capabilities.
  987. How to Convert From RPM to DEB and DEB to RPM Package Using Alien
  988. Linus Torvalds: The King of Geeks (And Dad of 3) | WIRED
  989. If I Buy a Computer with Windows 8 and Secure Boot Can I Still Install Linux? - UEFI Secure Boot explained
  990. | Software & Spiele | Adobe Flash mit DRM nutzen - flash in the pan of hal, the horror of hell, and the enlightening thread of Flash access support on linux (ubuntu) |Adobe Community, right at the end a moneyquote from Stephen D. an Adobe guy: "It's hard to believe the video situation will get better over time with Flash 11.x on Linux being frozen (and especially for protected video that requires HAL)."
  991. Flatpak - the future of application distribution
  992. - Flatpak, a technical walkthrough
  993. Flatpak :: Fedora Docs Site - concepts and tutorial
  994. Fedora Flatpak Status
  995. A Beginner's Guide to Manage Flatpak Permission Using Flatseal
  996. Flatpak - a security nightmare
  997. Response to | TheEvilSkeleton
  998. mitmproxy
  999. Solaris to Linux Migration 2017 - Brendan Gregg's answer to the Oracle layoff of the Solaris team; loads of good pointers
  1000. Debate/initsystem/systemd - Debian Wiki
  1001. The Biggest Myths about systemd
  1002. GitHub - chubin/awesome-console-services: A curated list of awesome console services (reachable via HTTP, HTTPS and other network protocols)
  1003. Ansible is Simple IT Automation
  1004. Updating the BIOS on Lenovo laptops from Linux using a USB flash stick - gets important again with firmware updates for Spectre and Meltdown
  1005. Debian -- Details of package grub-imageboot - might be able to boot a BIOS update image
  1006. Debian Popularity Contest, editors by installation
  1007. LinuxMM - Wiki - Linux Memory Management
  1008. Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager - Mel Gorman's book
  1009. Install a Centralized Log Server with Rsyslog in Debian 9
  1010. PowerTOP | - PowerTOP is a Linux tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management.
    And the PowerTOP User's Guide (PDF).
  1011. GitHub - zevv/lsofgraph: lsof to graphviz
  1012. Unbound - Unbound is a validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver.
  1013. GitHub - alfredopalhares/openvpn-update-resolv-conf: Script that updates DNS settings are pushed by the OpenVPN server - best for systemd < 229
  1014. GitHub - jonathanio/update-systemd-resolved: Helper script for OpenVPN to directly update the DNS settings of a link through systemd-resolved via DBus. - best for systemd >= 229
  1015. free gnu/linux high-quality pictures
  1016. How To Migrate to a New Linux Server - transferring a system to a new server, DigitalOcean, but not only
  1017. security - Which is the safest way to get root privileges: sudo, su or login? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
  1018. GitHub - jerome-pouiller/reredirect: Tool to dynamicly redirect outputs of a running process
  1019. GitHub - nelhage/reptyr: Reparent a running program to a new terminal
  1020. Remotely Installing a Fully-Encrypted Debian Server · fribbledom
  1021. Command LIne Magic (climagic) home page -- I didn't know you could do that in Bash!
  1022. - the cron schedule expression editor
  1023. How I created custom desktop notifications using terminal and cron
  1024. Anitya ( - monitor upstream releases for distribution packaging
  1025. - match command-line arguments to their help text
  1026. Cockpit Project — Cockpit Project - web-based interface for servers
  1027. vdirsyncer documentation - Vdirsyncer is a command-line tool for synchronizing calendars and addressbooks between a variety of servers and the local filesystem.
  1028. khal documentation - Khal is a standards based CLI (console) calendar program, able to synchronize with CalDAV servers through vdirsyncer.
  1029. Rebooting on wrong password · Cowboy Programmer - take it with a grain of salt, i.e. ${COUNFILE} should be ${COUNTFILE} and chmod 777 certainly should not be; also do not use it if external logins are enabled, read the WARNING!
  1030. - Documentation
  1031. Maximum RPM - Taking the RPM Package Manager to the Limit
  1032. RPM Packaging Guide
  1033. Creating RPM packages :: Fedora Docs Site
  1034. User Documentation — COPR documentation # How can I package software as RPM?
  1035. RPM spec wizard - code on GitHub
  1036. RPM Guide - old museum draft 0.1
  1037. How to Use tmux on Linux (and Why It’s Better Than Screen)
  1038. Tmux for GNU Screen Refugees and Vim Users |
  1039. Sharing Linux Terminal Sessions With Tmux and Screen
  1040. GitHub - tmuxinator/tmuxinator: Manage complex tmux sessions easily
  1041. GitHub - rkitover/tmux-screen-compat: Make tmux behave like screen.
  1042. tmate • Instant terminal sharing - a tmux fork to share a terminal; be aware it is risky, not being taken over by a bad third party; or run your own server
  1043. How to install GCC 8 and Clang/LLVM 6 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - Red Hat Developer
  1044. asciinema - Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way
  1045. Podman | - Pod Manager tool, daemonless container engine for OCI Containers
  1046. exa · a modern replacement for ls
  1047. Pat David: Ubuntu SSH Ads (motd)
  1048. refarch-privatecloud/ at master · ibm-cloud-architecture/refarch-privatecloud · GitHub - OpenShift installation
  1049. GKrellM - a single process stack of system monitors
  1050. Home | - Manage your dotfiles across multiple machines, securely.
  1051. Take back your dotfiles with Chezmoi - Fedora Magazine
  1052. linux - understanding "ip addr change" and "ip addr replace" commands - Server Fault
  1053. Diskless Linux (, 2017) - article from 2002 ...
  1054. GitHub - pixelb/crudini: A utility for manipulating ini files
  1055. TurnKey GNU/Linux | 100+ free ready-to-use system images for virtual machines, the cloud and bare metal
  1056. sK1 Project: sK1, UniConvertor, Color Picker and other project tools
  1057. smem - Linux Memory Reporting/Statistics Tool | 2DayGeek
  1058. In defence of swap: common misconceptions
  1059. Linux x86 Program Start Up - or - How the heck do we get to main()?
  1060. How To Flush DNS Cache on Linux – devconnected
  1061. How to flush the DNS cache on Linux - TechRepublic
  1062. RPM and GPG: How to verify Linux packages before installing them | Enable Sysadmin
  1063. RPM :: Fedora Docs - Checking Package Signatures (F35)
  1064. How to list, import and remove archive signing keys on CentOS 7 - Linux Tutorials - Learn Linux Configuration
  1065. How to sign rpms with GPG - Red Hat Customer Portal
  1066. GitHub - ibraheemdev/modern-unix: A collection of modern/faster/saner alternatives to common unix commands.
  1067. A list of new(ish) command line tools
  1068. How to Install Firefox as a .Deb on Ubuntu 22.04 (Not a Snap) - OMG! Ubuntu!
  1069. How to Install Latest Firefox as classic Deb in Ubuntu 22.04 | UbuntuHandbook
  1070. Firefox snap durch deb ersetzen –
  1071. Completely Remove Snap from Ubuntu Linux [Tutorial]
  1072. IP Accounting and Access Lists with systemd
  1073. Linux permissions: SUID, SGID, and sticky bit | Enable Sysadmin
  1074. StickyBit, SUID and SGID in Linux with Examples
  1075. An introduction to Linux Access Control Lists (ACLs) | Enable Sysadmin
  1076. Beginners Guide to Access Control Lists (ACLs) in Linux
  1077. A sysadmin's guide to containers |
  1078. Crow Translate
  1079. GitHub - erpalma/throttled: Workaround for Intel throttling issues in Linux.
  1080. news-flash / news_flash_gtk · GitLab - RSS, successor of FeedReader
  1081. LinuxMaster Club | The Open Amateurs Club of Open Source
  1082. How to Use Linux dig Command (DNS Lookup) {With Examples}
  1083. All commands ( - thousands of one-liners
  1084. GitHub - garrett/Tux: Tux, the Linux penguin - in InkScape vector graphics

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